10 tips that will help you sell your property

If you have just made the decision to sell your house, it is the perfect time to read this article as it contains some tips that will make this process easier from minute one. Stay with us and discover all the tips that we have prepared for you.

10 consejos que te van a ayudar a vender tu casa
10 tips that will help you sell your property

At the time you decide to sell your house, there are many things you can do to make it more attractive to buyers. We already told you a few months ago about the benefits that Home Staging can bring to your home with some aesthetic changes, but today we are going to give you some more tips that will help you throughout the process.


Let's start with the most basic element: obtaining a correct valuation of the property is essential in the sales process since it will help you set a realistic price adjusted to the market that will help you attract the right buyer. That selling price will help you segment the audience and attract the ideal buyer for your home.


Documentos para vender tu casaWith regard to these, there are several documents that you will need to be able to sell your house. We already told you about them in detail in a previous article about the documents necessary to sell a house, so you only have to enter to know them all. It is above all the title of the property or deed of the house, energy certificate (it is mandatory to have it to be able to advertise the house), simple note, certificate of occupancy, and document of outstanding debts by the owner who wishes to sell. To learn more about each of them, check out our dedicated article.

Set up a realistic time-frame

It may seem obvious, but it is important not to set a deadline for the sale that makes us feel stressed or that we have failed because we cannot sell within the stipulated time. It is important to take into account the times that are handled in the market in which our property is going to move as well as our sales needs and define a period of time with which we feel comfortable.

Prepare yourself mentally for the sale

Prepárate para la ventaEmotions are, definitely, an important factor to consider when selling a home. From the love we have for what has been our home until now to the feelings that come from knowing that once it is sold we will not be able to return. It is important to prepare ourselves mentally for the whole process. One piece of advice is to focus on what will be your next home and on the reasons that drive you towards this change. They will surely help you prepare mentally during this process of sale and change.


When we sell a home, it is very important that the future buyer can imagine him or herself living in it, therefore it is essential that the house does not seem “excessive” to us. Perhaps that very special vase that you bought on a trip and that everyone who enters your house asks you about is not the ideal decoration to receive a potential buyer. It is important that the buyer can imagine how their memories will look in their new home and therefore one of the tasks that you must carry out as a seller is depersonalization, in this case, less is more.

The cleaner of objects and the more neutral the house is, the better, think that this way it will look more spacious and you will gain a few more square meters in sight.

Order and cleanliness

Following the less is more concept, it is also applicable in the decoration of the space. Let the buyers imagine their furniture in the living room, or the photos hanging on the wall. It is also of vital importance to keep the house clean and tidy. It is more difficult to visualize yourself in a messy house because in the mind of the buyer it implies more work, so carrying out a small ordering exercise before each visit will always be beneficial.

Brightness and visual amplitude

Decoración There are some aesthetic contributions that you can make to your property without going into "Home Staging" itself. A coat of white paint and mirrors in key places will increase the visual spaciousness and lightness, even simply opening the blinds will help. Besides we have already mentioned the order and minimalism in the decoration, any detail can make a huge difference. This factor can help the future buyer see the property in a better light and therefore show greater interest, if possible. Do not hesitate to pay attention to this element.

Have legal advice when signing

The details of a purchase-sale contract are not something that can be overlooked, so it is highly recommended to have advice both when preparing the contract and throughout the purchase-sale process and resolve, with confidence, all legal doubts that may arise. If you decide to entrust the sale to a real estate agency, this service is implicitly included, but if you decide to sell on your own, do not hesitate to seek legal support.

The smells

The first impression of a home does not only enter through the eyes which means that smell, for example, is also important to consider and prepare. Ventilate the house well, eliminate the smell of possible pets and avoid strong air fresheners. You have to seek to create a welcoming environment during the visit taking advantage of all the senses. Making coffee or baking something can be a good idea so that the olfactory sensation when entering is positive.

Ready to move in

Look for the small problems that your house may have and solve them before the visits are made. A dripping faucet, a door that doesn't close, or a plug that doesn't work, for example, are details that the buyer will pay attention to when choosing their future home, and even if you promise to fix the damage before signing the contract, the buyer will always prefer a house in which these problems do not exist, to a promise of repair.

As you can see when it comes to selling a house, every little detail is important and counts. From the first mental image that the buyer of the property is going to create in their heads to how you manage their doubts or even legal issues, you cannot miss any detail at all.

And if you still have concerns about managing this process, check out our article on the importance of employing a professional estate agent to sell my property, since he/she will become your greatest ally during the entire buying-selling process, making it a stress-free process.