Why should you employ an estate agent?

If you are considering selling your house, you will surely have many questions: what documents are you going to need, how long will it take to sell it, how much is the property worth, how can you do it without altering your life, etc. Luckily all your doubts can be solved by a real estate agent.

Why hire a real estate agent?

Once you have decided to sell your house and have contacted the agency you want to work with, you will meet your real estate agent, the professional who will be in charge of accompanying you and advising you until you reach your goal. But do you know everything a real estate agent does to sell your house? Today we want to briefly summarize their main tasks so that you can better see, understand and value their work:

Contact, initial assessment and set-up:

Contacto InicialThe first group of tasks that a real estate agent must face refers to the initial contact established with the client/owner as well as the collection and review of every one of the documents necessary to put the property up for sale (ownership of the property or deed, energy certificate, habitability certificate, IBI, etc.). Another important part of this phase is the initial valuation of the property to establish and define a sale price that satisfies all parties: in our case, all the agencies meet to, with their extensive experience, value the property and discuss the fair market price. It is after this meeting that the price for which the property should finally go on sale is agreed upon with the owner. At this point, the agreement between client and agent is essential, since putting a property up for sale for a much lower or higher price than the suggested price can be counterproductive.

Commercialization and marketing of the property:

MarketingIt is in this group of tasks that the real estate agent is in charge of carrying out the necessary photographic report and writing the description of the property that will be communicated on each of the different platforms included in the marketing plan (own website of the agency, real estate portals, social networks, digital and printed advertising, etc.). Each property will need a marketing plan adapted to its particular characteristics and needs.

Opportunity management, visits and follow-up:

VisitasOnce the property is published, comes the most recognized part of the work of a real estate agent: managing the opportunities received and conducting visits to the property. The real estate agent must first receive, manage, filter, and select the relevant information requests for your property and ensure that it is shown to real potential buyers. Once this (constant) selection has been made, the real estate salesperson will carry out the corresponding visits, taking care of even the smallest detail (before and during the visit), and will monitor whether or not they are satisfied with the property.

Intermediation, closing, and post-sale follow-up:

FirmaFinally, and only when there is a potential buyer who is firmly and truly interested in the property, is the real estate agent in charge of intermediating and mediating for the satisfaction of both parties (owner and buyer). This includes tasks such as negotiation, conditions, notary support, and even post-sale monitoring to assess and evaluate the processes and tasks carried out during the operation.

As you can see, the buying-selling process is not as simple as it initially seems, so getting advice from a real estate agent is the best recommendation we can give you. If you want to go through the entire buying and selling process and not die trying, don't hesitate and consult/compare the different real estate services in your area. And remember that if you need help, we will always be here, at Portal Menorca, to advise you.

Thank you very much for reading us. See you at Portal Menorca.