HOME STAGING: An investment, not an expense

Despite what we may think, human purchasing decisions are driven by emotion far more than logic. This is true for small, impulse buys and large purchases, like homes.

Home Staging — Aquitania & Portal Menorca
Home Staging — Aquitania & Portal Menorca

We may use logic to justify the decision later, but experts believe 90% of our decisions are emotional. That gut feeling when you walk into a property — that it’s the right home for you; being able to see yourself living there — that’s the emotion talking.

When selling a property, it’s therefore vital that the first impression creates a positive feeling. A home that is filled with clutter, personal keepsakes or outdated furniture — or equally on that is entirely empty offering the viewer only a series of bare rooms — can make it hard to see its potential.

Salón redecorado por AquitaniaHome staging — the practice of furnishing and decorating a property for maximum buyer appeal — aims to showcase a property in its best light. At its simplest, this could mean de-cluttering, removing family photos, and rearranging furniture. At the other end of the spectrum, it could involve completely redecorating, from lighting and curtains to furniture and accessories. The goal is to create a neutral but welcoming space that will appeal to the widest range of buyers.

Portal Menorca recently partnered with furniture and interior design firm Aquitania to stage a one-bedroom home that had been on the market for some years.

Aquitania’s signature style is fresh and contemporary with furniture and accessories largely made from wood and natural fabrics in soft, muted colors. In combination they create a warm, inviting atmosphere and suggest a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle — exactly what most buyers aspire to.

To stage the home, Aquitania removed the existing furniture and knick-knacks and replaced them with their signature simple, modern furniture, and accessorized it with pale curtains, quality bedding, artwork, and rugs. Within three months, the property had sold.

Vistas del campo menorquínOccasionally, Portal Menorca will ask Aquitania to stage a home that is listed exclusively with them and will cover the costs, in order to speed up the sale. Vendors who have listed a property with multiple agencies may also choose to have Aquitania stage a property at their own expense, to make it as appealing as possible to viewers.

Either way, home staging should not be considered an unnecessary expense. It’s actually smart marketing: by ensuring a positive first impression you’ll create a desire in the buyer — that all-important emotion — and ultimately secure a better price, faster.

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