Why should you visit Menorca in spring?

Surely the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Menorca is beaches and summer, but the island is much more than that. Menorca is also impressive the rest of the year and today we are going to discover it in spring because in this season many of the hidden pleasures of the island are found.

¿Por qué visitar Menorca en primavera?
Why visit Menorca in spring?

In the old blog of Portal Menorca, we already wrote about what to do in Menorca in autumn or what Menorca is like in winter but we couldn't stop writing about spring since it is said and rumored that the best months to visit the island are April and May. (in the middle of spring) months in which you will find a Menorca free from the crowds of the tourist season, but also being able to enjoy the longest days and the good weather characteristic of the season.

Let's go together to discover some of the advantages of discovering Menorca in spring!

No crowds:

Spring is the ideal time if you want to enjoy the trendy places on the island without feeling like you're inside a can of sardines. These places, normally closed out of season, now open their doors, so you will be able to experience what it feels like to have a privileged table on that terrace that is always crowded with people in summer.

Discover tranquility along Camí de Cavalls:

Camí de Cavalls, MenorcaOne of the great attractions of the island is the routes along Camí de Cavalls, both on foot, by bike and on horseback, these routes will take you to discover some of the most hidden coves and places on the island. island. Without a doubt, going through it in spring is a great idea, because you will be able to enjoy good weather without reaching the high temperatures of the Menorcan summer.

Daily events:

Events to spend the day: during the spring there are also some of the most important fairs on the Menorcan scene, such as the Fira Arrels, which is held in May in Mahón, where you will be able to find the sale and tasting of wines and local products and cuisine. de Menorca and also the Menorcan Breed Horse Fair that is held in Es Mercadal in May where you will be able to enjoy a magnificent equestrian show as well as a morphological contest. During the spring, more specifically on May 1, there is also the equestrian dyad of the Hippodrome of Mahón, where you will be able to watch trotting horse races throughout the day.

Get to know the history of the island:

Monumentos históricosTaking advantage of the good weather, spring can be the ideal time to visit the island's historical monuments, as well as the emblematic lighthouses, and if one day the rain catches you, Menorca has several museums where you can soak up culture without the need to carry an umbrella.

Beaches for you alone:

Speaking of the coves we cannot help but notice how at this time of year both the beaches and the coves are practically empty and with the warmth peeking out we can assure you that it is the ideal time for the first swim of the year and there is no better place than in the crystal clear waters of Menorca.

Fields in bloom:

These dates are also when the fields of Menorca bloom, giving the island a fairy-tale appearance. Enjoying this visual and aromatic spectacle is a pleasure for all the senses.

It is clear that if you come to Menorca during the spring you will not be short of plans and that you will also get to know the island in one of its most special moments of the year. But it is that deep down there is always something to discover about Menorca, you can not stop visiting us.