Where to enjoy the best sunsets in Menorca

You look at the clock and see how sunset time is timidly approaching. It is the ideal time to look for a place to enjoy that special moment while you relax reliving the most important moments of the day. Come, let's discover some of those places together.

Donde ver los mejores atardeceres en Menorca
Where to enjoy the best sunsets in Menorca

Menorca is an island of contrasts, the first place in Spain to see the sunrise, but also the place to enjoy some of the most wonderful sunsets in the world. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to see the king star fall in one of the island's spectacular spots, that's why today at Portal Menorca we bring you a compilation of some of those places so you can enjoy the best sunsets on the island. In addition, we have divided them so that you can easily find the one that best suits your tastes.

Nature at its best:

If what you are looking for is a quiet place in the middle of nature where you can watch the sunset enjoying the views to the fullest, the following recommendations are going to be your favorites, as Menorca is full of nature and special places.

Menorca is also known as The Island of Lighthouses, so obviously we had to mention some of them and, despite the fact that from most of them you will be able to see the sunset from a good perspective, we especially recommend two:

Punta Nati
Sunset from Punta Nati lighthouse

The Punta Nati lighthouse has an ideal location. There you will be able to enjoy the sunset on top of the cliffs, in addition to visiting the lighthouse or even choose to watch the sunset from one of the old bunkers where you will undoubtedly get one of those amazing photos. We also want to highlight the Cavalleria lighthouse as it is known for offering one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island. With its cliffs of up to 90 meters, it is also close to the homonymous beach, so it can be perfect if you are looking to see the sunset after spending one of the last days at the beach of the year.

Another of the most emblematic places to enjoy the sunset is the Pont d'en Gil. Located in Ciutadella, it is one of the best places where you can see the sunset. Seeing how the sun goes down passing through the small stone bridge over the sea is one of the natural spectacles that the island offers, and no one should miss it.

To end this section we are going to mention Cap d'en Font or Binidalí, because although you may think that the east of the island is better to see the sunrise, from either of these two places, you will also be able to enjoy an almost magical sunset.

Bars to enjoy the sunset whilst having a drink: 

There are times that rather than walking through nature, we feel more like having a drink on a terrace while enjoying the views. If this is your case, here you have some recommendations that you may like:

We had to name Sa Cova d'en Xoroi in this section, as it is one of the best-known places on the island, but we have thought it convenient to give you other options that we believe will also fit very well with your tastes.

The Eolo Sunset Bar is another ideal place to watch the sunset, as its name suggests. Located in Ciutadella, it becomes the ideal option if you want to watch the sunset with style and glamour. In it you will be able to have a drink with live music in the background while you enjoy the typical Menorcan afternoon on its comfortable sofas.

In the west, one of the most beautiful places is Bambú Menorca, which offers you a chill-out experience with Asian touches. In it you will be able to enjoy appetizing cocktails and also have dinner if you feel like gluttony, all this while watching the sunset over the rocks on the horizon, framed by the sea.

Bambu Menorca
Bambú Menorca

The most special places to enjoy sunsets:

If you already know all the nooks and crannies of Menorca, and you have already seen all the sunsets from all the places that we have mentioned, we have a surprise for you, we are going to discover two extra places where you can enjoy a special sunset.

El Toro is the highest point on the island, in addition to being located in the center of Menorca, so seeing the sunset from there will always be a spectacle: look to the west and see the sunset, appearing while you turn towards the east to see the sun still shining. Do not miss the opportunity to live this experience.

Atardecer Menorca
Sunset from a boat in Menorca

We cannot forget to mention one of the options that we provided you in a previous article on 5 essential activities if you visit Menorca in summer and that is that enjoying the sunset in Menorca from a boat in the middle of the sea is a spectacular and unforgettable moment.

Now that we have discovered all these beautiful places where we can enjoy the sunset in Menorca, we can only wait for the next sunset and enjoy the show. Oh, we forgot to mention that if you are looking for a property from which you can enjoy the sunsets from your own terrace, do not hesitate to contact us, we have more than one option waiting for you.