What should you take into account when buying a country house in Menorca?

Are you one of those who dream of living in the countryside and waking up every morning surrounded by nature, and with no other noise than the animals, the trees, the rain, or the wind? If this is your case and you are considering looking for a country house in Menorca, there are a series of issues that you cannot ignore. If you follow our recommendations, you will avoid surprises and enjoy the tranquility and privacy of the Menorcan countryside.

What should you take into account when buying a country house?

Buying a country house is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and therefore you should do it with complete peace of mind, with all the information and knowledge possible. Below we tell you some of the elements that you should take into account and consider before buying a country house.


Aspecto legal de la viviendaAs we anticipated, when buying a country house, it is convenient to review some crucial aspects to avoid surprises, afterward.

The first recommendation is related to the legal aspects of the house itself. In this sense, we recommend you find out what legal and urban situation the house is in and the buildings that are located within its plot.

You should also be clear about the options you have if you wish to expand the property, making it bigger or building extra. This way you will avoid inheriting possible inconveniences or surprises.

If you have the advice of a professional real estate agency, it should help you obtain, contrast and validate all the corresponding information.


construccion casa de campoBefore confirming your interest in a specific country house, make sure you ask for all the information about the structure of the house, the state of the roof, and the insulation or what type of supplies are registered since they are important factors to consider.

Due to its location (far from urban centers), it could happen that the house does not have a telephone line, fast internet connection, or even some basic supplies (water, etc.).

It is true that, nowadays, in Menorca, there are far fewer limitations than years ago when there was less access to basic supplies or fast internet connection, but it is just as important to have these aspects clear before making a purchase.


orientacion de una casa de campo en menorcaLastly, but surely the most important thing about a country house in Menorca, is the orientation of the house. This will determine aspects such as energy efficiency or simply the comfort and quality of life that you will have during your day-to-day life.

Depending on the use that you are going to give to the house (only in summer, or for the whole year) you should look for country houses more protected from the cold north winds or, on the contrary, look for shade and thus cool temperatures during the hot summer months.

In this sense, a recommendation is to try to visit the house at different times of the day. This will help you better assess this factor.

The more information you have about what day-to-day living in that property will be like, the better.

And so far our recommendations when it comes to buying a country house in Menorca. Obviously, there are many more details, elements, or issues that you must take into account when buying this type of property, but at least you already have a place to start.

Ask us to guide you and advise you during the purchase process of your future country house in Menorca.

Enjoy the tranquility and privacy of the Menorcan countryside!