Welcome to our new Portal Menorca blog

For a few months we wanted to give our blog a facelift and finally, we are back with important news: We have a new blog that's easier to use, more flexible and better integrated within our website for you to enjoy it. We hope you like it like we do.

Today we come for the premiere, we greet you with our best clothes from our new blog, now integrated into the web so that it is much easier for you to access the content.

Did you already know Portal Menorca or have you arrived here by chance? In any case, we are going to introduce ourselves briefly so that you can get to know us better, in our work, trust is the key!

Portal Menorca is a real estate group of 6 agencies that covers the entire island of Menorca, with a team of more than 30 interdisciplinary professionals with whom we make sure to offer you the right product for you and accompany you throughout the buying / selling process with total transparency, ethics and professionalism so that you can enjoy the process with the maximum peace of mind possible.

We take this opportunity to also present the new presentation video that we recorded a few months ago.

And now that you know us better, what are you going to find here?

We could summarize it in quality content about the real estate world in Menorca, but it is much more: we are going to inform you about everything that happens in the real estate sector, we are going to transmit our values ​​and above all, we are going to make you enjoy the island.

In short, every week we are going to give you a little piece of ourselves and we are going to make you feel at home here.

From now on we want to thank you for reading and counting on us, we hope you can find everything you are looking for in this blog and that you enjoy reading us.

Thanks and once again welcome to our new blog.

Stay tuned and see you next week!