Tips for getting the most out of a small terrace

Many properties, especially in city flats, have a terrace that is small or has limited space. However, you can still find ways to maximize the space. Today we bring you a series of tips and recommendations to get the most out of a small or limited-size terrace. Discover them!

Terraza de la propiedad S2989 a la venta en Mahón
Property S2989 for sale in Mahón — Terrace

Folding or flexible furniture that adapts to the space

It seems pretty obvious but if the furniture you have on the terrace can be folded, you will gain space and increase usage possibilities. Another option is to have furniture that can be easily moved away and thus stored in another corner when we are not using it. Remember that flexibility and versatility are two key factors for a terrace that will result in greater usage; especially at these crucial times when having a small outdoor area is vital.

Space to eat or have breakfast

Terraza donde comer o desayunarIf your terrace is small, decide what you are going to use it for. A great option is to have a quiet breakfast area for those mornings when the weather allows it. With a nice chair and small table, with nice decoration, you will start the day in the best of moods.

Do not overload the terrace

This is one of the most common mistakes in limited spaces. If, in addition to a small space, your terrace is saturated with “stuff”, like too many pieces of “furniture” or even a lot of decorative pieces, the result is a loaded environment that you will not want to use. On the contrary, a neat space, with minimal or minimalist decoration, will give you a feeling of tranquility and “good vibes” which you will want to be more often.

Color is important

As in the previous point, if in addition to having a small terrace, we use very “intense” colors, the sensation can be overwhelming in the short term. On the other hand, a terrace with colors that inspire tranquility and peace, such as white, beige, or other neutral and soft colors, will give you that state of peace in your special corner of the house.

The importance of small details

Detalles decorativos de una terrazaAs we said, simple decoration is essential, so choose very carefully those details that will give personality to your terrace. Some lanterns, some candles, some wicker or straw baskets, can be elements that occupy little and say a lot about you and your terrace. Take advantage of them!

Good lighting

Perhaps one of the key elements in a terrace. A light system that does not shine directly but focuses on corners or walls can give a feeling of quiet space and a haven of peace. A cable with separate garlands can be another great option that we see very frequently on terraces. Give your terrace that intimate atmosphere that you are looking for so much for that space in the house.

Plants are also important

Not only for your terrace but in many other aspects of life, plants and vegetation fulfill their vital function. A little trick if you don’t have a lot of space is to set up a vertical garden. You can assemble one with a simple wooden pallet and a little manual work. The result can be amazing in very little space.

Don’t forget about the shadow

Last but not least, we cannot forget the shade on the terrace (especially if you plan to use it during the day). To do this, and to avoid spending a lot, you can choose any small umbrella and adapt it to your space or even the original idea of using a boat sail. For bigger budgets, there are pergolas, eccentric umbrellas (with removable and folding arms) that will take your terrace to another level.

As you can see, a small terrace does not mean you cannot enjoy it. With very little effort, it is easy to get a cozy, comfortable, and stylish space.

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