The second edition of our Portal Menorca magazine of 2022 is finally here!

Since the properties of the last magazine published just a few months ago have literally flown off the market, we have been forced (rather delighted), to create a second edition: let's call it the summer edition of Portal Menorca magazine 2022. Discover it!

Second Edition of our Portal Menorca 2022 magazine

What will I find in this edition of the magazine? In this second edition you will find a new selection of properties for sale that we have structured according to your tastes and needs:

Propiedades segunda edicion revista Portal Menorca 2022If what you are looking for is to live in the "city", we have townhouses that will make you fall in love at first sight; If what you are looking for are villas with a pool and incredible views, here you will find some of the most exclusive; If you are looking for profitability & return on a real estate investment, we have apartments with a tourist license; and if you are looking for the privacy of a country house or rustic property, you will love one of the ones we have included. Of course, we could not forget those who want to build the house of their dreams in Menorca, whether to live all year round or as a second residence on the island. For you, we have exclusive plots where you can lay the foundations for that magnificent dream.

Of each and every one of the properties included, you will be able to find all the necessary and relevant information; And if you find one that catches your attention, do not hesitate to take your mobile and bring the camera closer to the QR code, it will take you to discover the property in greater detail on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to arrange a visit.

In short, we have properties for all tastes and needs. Do not miss them if you want to be one of the lucky ones to get one of them!

Articulos segunda edicion revista Portal Menorca 2022-2And what's new regarding the articles in this edition?

On this occasion, in addition to maintaining the articles included in the previous edition, we wanted to prepare a new one that explains the growing need to improve, both in the public and private environment, consumption and life habits to reduce the consumption of plastics. Specifically, we have sat down to talk with our collaborators from the Menorca Preservation Fund and they have explained to us how, thanks to the great work of the "Menorca Plastic Free", an association they have created, they are managing to raise awareness about this problem on the island. growing that we live on the island (and in the whole world).

We encourage you to discover them and if with this we manage to broaden the awareness of caring for and preserving the paradise in which we live, we will be delighted to have contributed our grain of sand to the cause!

And finally and most importantly: Do you already know where you can find the magazine? As a first option, you can click on the following link to view the magazine in its digital format: SECOND EDITION REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE PORTAL MENORCA 2022 .

In any case, if you are one of those who prefer to have your physical printed version, you can find it in any of our offices and in some points distributed throughout the island such as Nautic Center, Sindic Hotel, Nautica Reynes, Aquitania, Clearwater, Sa Botiga de S'uestrà, Apalliser, El Paladar, De Vins, Set Hotels, and many more.

We hope you like it as much or more than we do and that you enjoy discovering the new contents of the magazine!