Portal Menorca and Menorca Preservation Fund: a consolidated team

One more year, and now it's been 2, Portal Menorca strengthens and consolidates its partnership with Menorca Preservation Fund. This year we have managed to raise and donate 3.000€, through our "match funding" campaign, to help fund local environmental initiatives for the conservation of Menorca.

Portal Menorca & Menorca Preservation Fund - Partnership

Let's start from the beginning: What is Menorca Preservation Fund? As its name suggests, it is a non-profit foundation that seeks to preserve the natural beauty of the island by supporting different initiatives and local environmental actions. The main objective of the foundation is not only to raise funds to finance the different projects and initiatives but also to create environmental awareness that helps to guarantee the durability of the landscapes, flora, and fauna of Menorca, for this they work in five specific areas: marine conservation, conservation of landscapes and local product; and the intelligent management of waste, clean water, and energy.

Only during 2021, they worked on 18 projects distributed among the different areas with which they work; For example, we can mention studies carried out on how different species of fish are affected by fishing activity, the location and restoration of Posidonia meadows, studies on the impact that human activity on land can have on marine environments and how to solve it; and preservation of the sperm whale in the north of the island of Menorca, among other projects.

Colaboracion Portal Menorca & Menorca Preservation FundWe want to place special emphasis on your Plastic Free Menorca project: an initiative that aims to promote the fight against plastic pollution, specifically in Menorca. From this project, they offer a certification process for small and medium-sized companies from any sector on the island that intends to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic. Not only do they offer this certification, but from the moment you start working with them on reducing plastics, they will accompany you with technical support and personalized advice. We have already started, would you like to join?

From the foundation, they also carry out a multitude of diverse events open to everyone, to help in the conservation of the island. We have already marked May 28 on our calendar, the day on which a "Plogging day" is going to be held in both Binibeca and Fornells. Would you like to sign up?

If Plogging comes to you as new as it does to us, we will explain it to you below: it refers to the combination of exercise in the open air with waste collection, therefore, we can take advantage of that moment of exercise to provide a benefit to the environment.

Portal Menorca se suma al compromiso "Plastic Free Menorca"In the specific case of May 28, Menorca Preservation Fund is going to offer us the possibility of carrying out activities such as kayaking, paddle surfing, or snorkeling while we collaborate on waste collection. We hope to see you all! If you want to participate, get in touch.

Portal Menorca not only intends to participate in these events but also collaborates with the MPF by donating €3,000 thanks to its "Match Funding" fundraising campaign so that the foundation can continue financing its studies and events to make Menorca a better place.

And we couldn't say goodbye without thanking the great work being carried out by the Menorca Preservation Fund. From here we want to wish you much success in your current and future projects; its success is the success of all: Conserve and preserve Menorca.

For more information and donations: https://menorcapreservation.org/