New Magazine Portal Menorca 2022

If we could say that something is essential in Portal Menorca, something that does not change year after year, it is the arrival of the Portal Menorca Real Estate Magazine, so here we present it to you.

Portal Menorca Magazine

We are already well into 2022 and I know you are missing something this year, are you wondering where Portal Menorca's real estate magazine is? Don't worry, we already have it here; In this year of changes and back to normality, we could not miss our appointment with you presenting the Portal Menorca 2022 magazine, so here it is, fresh from the oven with all our affection and love.


propiedadesIn it, you will find a selection of properties, carefully chosen, and very varied among themselves, which cover a wide range of needs. You can find, for example, properties with sea views, properties with a tourist license or plots where you can plan from scratch what your new home in Menorca will be like.

We have been planning for some months now which of all our properties would be chosen to appear in the magazine, and we can tell you that all our agencies have had a very difficult time since any of the properties in the portfolio could have been included. However, we hope that you like the final selection and that you discover your new home.

But wait, not only are you going to find properties in the magazine, but we have also included interesting articles about life in Menorca and the real estate sector. Are you already wondering what we are going to talk about? Well, I suppose we can give you a little advance, but keep it between us, don't tell anyone.


The first article you will find is about “Es Foraster”, a traditional venue in Sant Lluís -the old casino- that has undergone a major transformation; We continue with another on sustainable design and construction that explains small details so that our house is more sustainable and we end with an article on Menorca, a European region of gastronomy that brings us, among other things, some of the events that have been programmed for this reason.

This year, once again, we are not only going to launch our magazine in print format (which, by the way, you can find in a wide selection of establishments distributed throughout the island) but you will also be able to find it in its digital version, at which you can access from the following link: Portal Menorca 2022 real estate magazine. Also, do not forget that we include QR codes for each property so that you can directly access its file on our website where you will be able to find all the information as well as more photographs of the property you are interested in.

We hope that all this will facilitate your access to our content, not only in person but also that you can enjoy the magazine, even if you are not in Menorca.

And to close, we cannot fail to thank all our collaborators, distributors, partners and advertisers who, for yet another year, make it possible and viable for this magazine to see the light and reach your hands. Without your help, it would possibly not be possible to meet our annual appointment to present you, with all our love and dedication, the real estate magazine Portal Menorca 2022.
We hope you enjoy it and that it catches you from the first page!