Do you know the minimum requirements to apply for a tourist license in Menorca?

Properties that have a tourist license are undoubtedly a great attraction for the real estate buyer. Why? Because in addition to being able to use the home for your own use, you can rent it and get a return on it. Interesting, right? But for this, first, you must obtain a tourist rental license and you must meet a series of requirements. Let's see them!

minimum requirements to apply for a tourist license in Menorca

The first and fundamental element that your property needs to meet in order to obtain a tourist licence is that it must be located in an area classified as touristic by the Consell Insular since residential and urban areas are excluded. The tourist areas in Menorca are usually found on the coast and they meet certain minimum regulations to optimally and sustainably welcome tourists or visitors to the island.

Touristic areas in Menorca

Secondly, you must have a valid Certificate of Habitability (remember that they are valid for 10 years). This dictates how many people you can rent the property to. In addition, these properties will not have extra beds to expand their capacity & must comply with what is stipulated in the current certificate of ability.

Certificate of Habitability Menorca

Last but not least, the energy rating of the property must be at least an "F" for properties built before 31/12/2007 and rating D for properties after 1/01/2008. If the property has a lower rating than the specified, you must modify certain aspects or elements of the property to improve its energy efficiency and sustainability.

energy rating certificate

These are the main & minimum requirements necessary to apply for and obtain a tourist license in Menorca. In any case, there is an extended list with a greater level of detail that you can consult here:

Complete list of mandatory requirements for the Menorca Island Council to obtain a tourist license

Finally, we would like to highlight and remind you that we currently have a moratorium in the Balearic Islands by which new tourist licenses cannot be applied for until 2026, which adds value to the properties that already have one. If you are looking for a property with a valid tourist license, there are still some to be found on the market; simply… contact us and we'll help you find it!