Are you aware of what maintenance is necessary for a house on the seafront?

Are you thinking of buying a house on the seafront in Menorca but are you worried about the care that a property of this style needs? If this is your case or you have already bought it and need information on how to keep it in optimal condition, today is your lucky day. We have compiled a series of tips and recommendations to ensure that, after a while, your house looks like the first day. Join us!

Are you aware of what maintenance is necessary for a house on the seafront?

Any front-line home is exposed to three main factors. These are corrosion (rust and general wear), humidity (due to the proximity to the sea and its salinity), and, finally, the UV rays of the sun. For this reason, today we want to share the following tips to ensure proper maintenance:

Use the correct exterior paint:

protege las paredes con pintura para exteriorOne of the first elements that we'll need to pay attention to and protect will be the exterior walls, especially those that are most exposed to inclement weather (winds for example). Therefore, the first thing is to choose the exterior paint for these walls and/or facades well.

Choosing carefully the perfect exterior paint for walls and facades will save you from having to repaint them frequently. In this sense, you should choose a type of paint especially for exteriors, which is waterproof and/or with a moisture blocker, which will offer an extra layer of protection to the walls of your home.

We will not go into recommendations for specific brands or paints since each type of wall will need one type or another of paint depending on the material on which it is applied.

Even so, you will surely need to paint it more frequently and even with several layers of paint for better maintenance.

Take care and protect metallic elements:

oxidacion elementos exteriores viviendaThe second piece of advice is linked to another of the reasons for greater wear: oxidation.

In this sense, the metallic elements that are outside will logically be more exposed to environmental impact and therefore run the risk of oxidizing more quickly. Elements such as hinges, gears, locks or clotheslines, air conditioners, etc.; They will need to be periodically greased and protected to extend their useful life. Especially during the winter time.

One of the tips here is to apply a layer of protective grease or vaseline to cover them and protect them from rapid oxidation. All this will not prevent them from rusting, but it will take longer to do so and thus extend their useful life.

Windows, curtains, and blinds to protect from UV rays:

ventanas cortinas y persianas para proteger de los rayos UVLast but not least, we must pay special attention to the windows, both the glass material and the set of curtains or blinds used. Ideally, they need to protect from UV sun rays without hindering lighting or visibility.

In the case of curtains, we will choose those that completely block the sun's rays, this will not only protect furniture from wear and tear that is exposed to the sun (fading of sofas or upholstery) but will also allow us to have a better and longer rest ( by not allowing sunlight to enter).

We will need to make sure that all these elements (windows, curtains, or blinds) are made of materials specially prepared for outdoor use. A clear example of this is the special pressure-treated wood in the exterior shutters. This will help them withstand outdoor environments that generate greater wear.

As you can see, a house on the front line requires a little special care so that you can enjoy it and its fabulous views.

We hope that this series of tips has been or could be in the future, of great use to those of you who want to take care of your properties on the front line.

Stay tuned for more tips and recommendations on real estate properties