Made in Menorca — Eat Local

Forward-looking farmers, environmentally-minded investors, public administration, and environmental groups are working together to give local food a much-needed boost.

Productos Locales en Menorca — Kilometro cero “Km 0”
Made in Menorca — Eat local

Although until recently less than 20% of the food consumed in Menorca was produced locally, the balance is shifting. Numerous initiatives related to sustainable agriculture and the production and promotion of local food is underway, with the Menorca Preservation Fund working to coordinate and communicate between the many individuals and bodies involved.

Organic Farming, Fresh Flavours

Productos locales Km 0- MenorcaIn a few short years, a number of conventional farms have adopted organic practices: already 15% of farmland is certified organic, and that proportion increases every year. But as well as turning to more environmental methods, innovative entrepreneurs are diversifying their crops. Menorca now boasts nine vineyards, three saffron farms, and a state-of-the-art mushroom production facility. Beekeepers are producing Menorcan honey and dairy farms are making artisanal butter, mozzarella, and ice cream.
Ancient traditions are also being revived: sea-salt is once again being produced, xeixa (a traditional wheat variety) has made a comeback, and cattle farmers are again rearing the brown Menorcan cow.

Sustainable Projects

Proyectos Sostenibles de producción local — productos Km 0 MenorcaPortal Menorca has seen a notable increase in the past three to four years in clients looking for old fincas, rural properties, and land ripe for farming. Some are private individuals looking for an opportunity to live more self-sufficiently, others are eco-conscious commercial enterprises. On the south coast, for example, Fontenille and Menorca Experimental are two new agro-tourism facilities offering upscale rural accommodation with organic kitchen gardens that supply their restaurants. On the north coast, Son Felip is a 2500-acre regenerative agriculture project and luxury farm-stay, and outside Ciutadella the island’s newest winery aims to plant 40 hectares of vines. With Menorca having been awarded the European Region of Gastronomy title for 2022, supporting local producers has never been more important.

Buying local

So where can you get your hands on this fresh, seasonal, organic produce? Many farms sell direct to consumers and offer weekly deliveries to your door, others sell to local supermarkets and cooperatives. For a comprehensive list of local producers, points of sale, and restaurants serving local produce visit and look out for their printed map. Eating local is better for your health, better for the environment, and better for the local economy.

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