Tourist licenses in complexes: individual licence Vs communal licence

As we have already discussed, there are different requirements, and also different types of licenses to be able to rent a property under a tourist regime in Menorca. Today we are going to tell you about the differences that you can find in complexes that have apartments that have an individual or community tourist license. Can you come with us?

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Tourist licenses in complexes: individual licence Vs communal licence

If you are interested in properties that have a tourist license because you want to use it also as an investment, there are a series of questions about tourist licenses that you should know and above all, you should ask when visiting a property in a property complex. This way you will know first-hand the details of the property and you will avoid future surprises when you want to start renting it out as a tourist rental. Let us help you:

licencia turistica Menorca requisitosTo begin with, it must be said that there are two basic types of licences: individual licenses and community licences.

Although the basic differences can be understood from the name, we will tell you, in greater detail, what they mean and their main differences:

If the license is communal, it means that it is the complex, as a whole, has the tourist license and therefore there is a single operator who is the one who manages the tourist rental of all the properties within the complex or community.

As the owner, you must reach an agreement for the transfer of your apartment for tourist rental.

These vacation rentals must comply with the regulations of the community as well as with its defined statutes.

On the contrary, if you have an individual and specific license for your flat or apartment, within the complex, you can choose whether to manage the rentals yourself directly or assign them to a third-party operator in order to carry out this activity on your behalf.

In either case, rentals must be approved by the community and, as in the case of community licenses, all rentals must comply with community regulations and bylaws.

In both cases or scenarios, you can always choose if you want to rent it or not, the difference basically lies in who will run the operations of that rental or if there will be any sort of intermediary or not.

These are the main differences between individual and community tourist licenses that could be summarized basically in the freedom or flexibility or autonomy to carry out tourist rentals. If you wish to know more about the legislation and operation of houses with a tourist license in Menorca, you can find more information on the website of Menorca's Council.

And remember that at Portal Menorca we can offer you personalized advice and study each particular case.