Fincas Sunshine will appear, for the second time, in the "A place in the sun" program

Fincas Sunshine, part of Portal Menorca, will appear, for the second time, in one of the most watched programs on British television: A Place in the sun! ; presenting one of their properties to buyers interested in finding their dream home "in the sun".

Fincas Sunshine will appear in the "A place in the sun" program

Today we are proud to tell you that just a few weeks ago, one of the agencies of the Portal Menorca group, specifically Fincas Sunshine and its director Carol Thomas, had the pleasure of participating again in one of the most watched programs on British television, specifically, the program: A place in the Sun! from Channel 4. Yes, you read that right, we said "again" because they already did - very successfully - just 5 years ago: their property was selected and sold on the show!

Don't you know what the program is about? Well, it turns out that the ultimate goal is to help some British buyers interested in finding a property "in the sun" (normally Mediterranean coast) and thus fulfill their dream of having a second home in countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece , etc. As the show slogan says: "The program that helps house-hunters find their dream holiday home in the sun."

First, the program makes an initial selection of properties based on the buyers' search criteria: budget, interests, tastes, family situation, etc. Subsequently, the program travels with the potential buyers to the destination and the corresponding visits to the selected properties are carried out. If any of these are to the liking of the buyers, an offer is made for the property followed by negotiation through the representative real estate agency. If an agreement is reached between all parties, the property is sold during the program and the new owners move, very happy and content, to their new property, "in the sun".

According to Carol Thomas, this initiative or collaboration is very enriching for her agency since it can not only help them sell one of their properties or gain visibility in front of an audience relevant to their business, but it also helps them to compare themselves and learn from other real estate agencies in other destinations (how they do things, how they present their properties, etc.); always looking for ways to continue improving the service they offer to their customers.

Obviously, as the program has not yet been broadcast on the air, we cannot reveal details of any kind (although we would love to tell you which property was presented by Fincas Sunshine, what was the reaction of the buyers and of course if this property was the selected winner or not).

In any case, if you have the opportunity, do not miss the program that is scheduled to be broadcast between September / October of this year. We can only congratulate Fincas Sunshine for such a successful and interesting collaboration and wish that your property has been the winner.