Enjoy your retirement in Menorca!

The long-awaited moment of retirement has arrived. Discover why Menorca is the perfect destination to enjoy the retirement you deserve.

Jubilarse y retirarse en Menorca
Come to Menorca to enjoy your retirement

The increase in life expectancy, and in some countries, the low birth rate is leading to accelerated growth in the percentage of older people, resulting in an increase in this sector of the population.

It should be noted that the market is moving, and we must adapt to it, in 2035 35% of the population is expected to be represented by this sectorSpain has now raised the retirement age to 65 years and 10 months indicating that life expectancy is higher. This increase is due to the quality of life and advances in medical science that have taken place in recent decades.

This scenario implies a transformation in the model of life where the needs of this set of people who are healthier and seek a different lifestyle in comparison to their parents. A lot of people over the age of 55 are at a turning point and decide to find a new place to retire, as long as it meets its conditions.

And Menorca, is a unique place to retire. Speaking of conditions that could be listed and taken into account to take that step and choose to settle in the northernmost of the Balearic Islands, some of them are.

Cost of living in Menorca:

Coste de vida en MenorcaA few years ago, the fact of living in Menorca was noticeably more expensive than in many other Spanish cities, however, after the establishment of large commercial areas and the rise of online shopping, we can say that the cost of living is very similar to other Spanish provinces and even more so when compared to the rest of the European countries.

Quality and price of healthcare:

On one hand healthcare in Spain for foreigners is regulated by the Organic Law on The Rights and Freedoms of Foreigners in Spain and its Social Integration, where it is established “Foreigners have the right to health care in the terms provided for in the current legislation on health, which can be translated as Spanish universal public health is free for anyone residing in Spain, whether domestic or foreign. On the other hand, addressing the issue of quality, Spain is one of the countries that offer the best health system according to the index developed by the World Economic Forum that compares it with Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan among others.

Weather in Menorca:

It is not for nothing that many know Spain as “The country of eternal sun”. Menorca is no exception; the climate of the island can be considered quite balanced in terms of temperature and even more so when compared to our neighbours in the north. We could say that Menorca enjoys the 4 seasons in a complementary way, but at the same time a little different where you can always find something to do, especially in summer where you can enjoy its magnificent beaches of crystal-clear waters and white sand. Its strategic geographical location in the centre of the western Mediterranean positively conditions its climate.

Menorcan Culture:

Menorca cultural — Museo de MenorcaKnowing the varied history of Menorca, it is not strange that its culture is also varied and rich. Menorca has been inhabited since ancient times since prehistory through Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans… And if we go a little further in history, we can’t help but name the English and French who dominated the island for a few years. All this vestige of other civilizations is noticeable in architecture, gastronomy, etc. The Menorcan people are people who have always lived with different cultures, so its inhabitants are used to multiculturalism.

Surely with all this information, Menorca has made its way to become a choice of life for you and yours. Menorca has an immense cultural heritage, protected natural spaces, impressive locations, and an unbeatable standard of living, so it is the perfect place to reside.

If you want to know more about this wonderful island and want to choose it as a place of retreat you can contact Portal Menorca and we will help you manage and solve your doubts.