Do you know the benefits of living in the countryside in Menorca?

Living in the countryside is the dream of many people. Waking up without setting up the alarm, only with the sounds of nature, with the tranquility and privacy of having hardly any neighbors in the vicinity, with clean air and immediate access to outdoor space. In short, living in the countryside can be a real privilege if you know how to take advantage of it. Do you want to know what are some of the main benefits or advantages of living in the countryside?

Do you know the benefits of living in the countryside in Menorca?

The countryside is synonymous with calmer and a more peaceful pace of life since the rural environment offers us many advantages that sometimes we either do not contemplate or do not give all the importance they deserve. Here we summarize some of the advantages or benefits of living in the countryside:

Guaranteed Tranquility and Privacy

beneficios de vivir en el campo tranquilidad y privacidadLogically, by living in the countryside, where properties have outdoor space, you will hardly have neighbors in the (immediate) vicinity, which will give you a feeling of privacy and greater tranquility than living in urban centers or cities.

No more listening to the neighbors through the walls of your house or the noise of cars on the street.

Being able to wake up with the simple song of the birds, with the sound of the wind, or listening to the rainfall is an intrinsic pleasure of life in the countryside that we should value much more.

Also, if you have children, they will be the first to benefit from a safer environment that gives them greater autonomy and independence for better growth and development.

Higher quality family life

beneficios de vivir en el campo mejor vida familiarAs we mentioned in the previous point, if you have children, it is the ideal environment to improve the balance between work and family, since the time you actually spend with them will be of much greater and better quality.

Teaching your children to plant a tree, take care of it, collect its fruits, and to teach them to ride a bike or any other outdoor activity, will be much easier and will ultimately help you so that the time you spend with your loved ones can be of higher quality.

Your life will become a whole family experience.

Imagine cooking a traditional recipe outdoors with food produced by you. A luxury and a dream, right? Well, there's much more than that. Let's continue.

Fresh & Clean Air and Mental Health

beneficios de vivir en el campo salud mentalFinally, the simple fact of being away from urban environments, cities or towns, with their noise, polluted air, crowds, etc; will undoubtedly improve the quality of your rest, thus increasing your health and peace of mind.

Imagine in the middle of winter, with a storm from the north and the rain pouring down on the seas and you, inside your country house, with the fireplace lit, the fire crackling, a good book, a blanket, and hot tea by the window …what peace and quiet, right?

If in addition, let's take as an example, you have to take care of an elderly person, let's think about the tranquility, mental health, and ultimately the quality of life that we will be giving them.

Whether caring for the little ones or the older ones, the quality of life in the countryside will always be greater for them.

In a few words, contact with nature and living in an environment that offers great privacy and tranquility will help you discover the “slow life” that those of us who live in Menorca enjoy so much.

Join us in discovering the advantages of living in the countryside in Menorca!

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