Did you know that… Mahón edition

Today we pick up the series of articles "Did you know that..." with curiosities about Menorca with which we hope you will enjoy and learn more about our island. Today it's time to discover more about Mahón. Read on to delve into the curiosities that the capital of the island hides.

Sabías que...especial Mahon
Did you know that… Mahón edition

Did you miss the first article with curiosities about the town of Ciutadella? Today we continue with the second article in this series, specifically, we are going to… Mahón.

What goes through your head when you think of Mahón? Perhaps you evoke the tranquility of its people, its beautiful port, or one of its more traditional festivals... We all have different images of the city and today we will try to expand it with some details that we hope you will find curious and exciting:

Did you know that the Teatro Principal in Mahón is the oldest opera house in all of Spain?

When you think of the great opera houses in Spain, your mind quickly goes to Barcelona with the Liceu or Madrid with the Teatro Real, but you don't need to go far to find the oldest theater in the whole country. In Mahón is the Teatro Principal, which with its inauguration on December 15, 1829, became the longest-running theater in all of Spain, as well as one of the oldest in Europe.

teatro mahon curiosities
teatro mahon curiosidades

Did you know that there is a color called "Mahón" inspired by the tone of the limestone used in the construction of buildings and walls in the city of Mahón?

The Mahón color is characterized by a bluish-gray tone, similar to the color of the sea in Menorca on a cloudy day. The name is derived from the city of Mahón, which is the capital of Menorca and an important port on the Mediterranean.

However, it is important to note that the Mahón color did not originate from the town of Mahón itself, but is rather inspired by the color of limestone found in the Menorca region.

Mahon colour curiosities
Mahon colour

Did you know that mayonnaise was invented in Mahón?

When mentioning the typical Menorcan gastronomy we usually mention the lobster stew, Menorcan squid, or stuffed aubergines but as we already told you when we talked about the curiosities of Menorca and the Menorcan people, mayonnaise was invented in Mahón.

Its use was already documented in a 1950 manuscript under the name "aioli bo" it was in 1756 when the French invaded the island and had the chance, by chance, to taste the sauce, with which they were delighted. Later they take it to France and make it known to the world.

mayonesa original from Mahon
Mayonnaise Mahón

Did you know that the port of Mahón is the second largest natural port in the world?

The beauty of the port of Mahón is recognized throughout the world, but what many do not know is that it is the largest natural port in Europe and the second in the world, only surpassed by Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. With more than 6 kilometers in length, it is strategically located in the Mediterranean, which is why it has been the reason for many of the island's conquests over the years. Today it is dedicated mostly to hospitality, so a walk after eating in one of its restaurants is always a good idea.

Port of Mahon curiosities
Port of Mahon curiosities

Did you know that the portal of San Roque marks the route of the old medieval wall of Mahón?

If in a previous article, we talked about medieval games being held in Ciutadella, now that we are talking about Mahón, we cannot forget to mention the portal of San Roque. Built in 1359, it is the only trace of the wall that surrounded the city in medieval times that remains nowadays.

Its function was to act as a gate to connect the city with the rest of the population and its architecture is Gothic in style, made up of two thick towers. It was not until the city grew that when it lost its function as a gate, the annexed houses were incorporated. Today it is a historical monument that also houses the headquarters of various associations on the island.

Pont de San Roc Mahon
Pont de San Roc Mahon

Did you know that the famous painter Pasqual Calbó i Caldés was originally from Mahón?

Pasqual Calbó i Caldés is not only an institute of the island but he was also a famous Mahones painter of the 18th century. Born in S'Arravaleta in 1752, he trained in painting at the Giovanni Chiesa school from a young age, and at the age of 20 he traveled to Italy on the teacher's own recommendation, acquiring knowledge and fame and being named the first imperial designer by Empress Maria Teresa I of Austria.

When he returned to Menorca in 1790 he dedicated himself to teaching geometry, design, and architecture, apart from continuing to create pictorial works. It was his diverse knowledge, as well as his sensitivity to combining painting with science that led him to be called the Menorcan Leonardo Da Vinci.

Pascual Calbo i Caldés Mahon
Pascual Calbo i Caldés Mahon

And so far, our collection of curious facts about the town of Mahón. We hope that they have helped you to get to know and discover aspects of the island's capital that you did not know yet. We say goodbye until the next article with more curiosities and interesting data from our beloved island.

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