Building a home in Menorca remotely

One Madrid-based family is watching their home in Menorca take shape, often remotely, through 3D modeling. Would you like to know their story?

Construir una casa a distancia o en remoto — Menorca
Building a house in Menorca remotely

Deciding to buy a property in Menorca is one thing, but finding the right one is a different matter. This was the case for clients of Fincas Sant Lluis: having holidayed in Menorca for ten years, they loved the open sea views, southerly aspect, and tranquil air of Torret de Baix area but none of the houses they looked at in the area were quite right.


Amplio salón con vistas al mar — Modelaje 3DThe couple didn’t want just a summer home but rather a second home that as work and parenting commitments ease, they will be able to spend progressively more time in. In other words, a property that could eventually become their primary residence. The solution then was to buy land and build their ideal home.

In 2017 they purchased a plot and subsequently enlisted a lifelong friend and architect to draw up the plans, and in 2020 contracted local building firm Redorka to carry out the construction.

They envisioned a single-story home that would incorporate the typical Menorcan tiled roofs and green doors and shutters, but with an updated architectural style.

In addition to four bedrooms and a large living room with sea views, they wanted a home that would be bright and airy, cool in summer but warm in winter, and above all that was built using modern techniques and materials.


Modelaje y rendering 3D — Construir casa en Menorca“We were very lucky that the architect we used is an expert in graphic design for construction,” the owner explains. “He created 3D models of the house which were extremely helpful for visualizing the end result and enabled us to make all our decisions remotely.”

When they wanted to know how changing one element might affect the rest of the home, the architect could make the change on the computer model, and they could see the effects on the screen at home in Madrid. In view of the reduction in regional flights in winter, and the added restrictions on movement this past year, this was a huge advantage. Not only did they not need to make as many site visits, but the technology also facilitated coordination between the architect, technical architect, and builders, allowing them to work collaboratively despite being in different locations.

Although construction had begun just weeks before the lockdown in Spain caused all construction work to be halted for a few weeks, the owner has every confidence that Redorka will be able to make up for lost time and their dream home on Menorca’s southeast coast will be completed by spring of 2021.