Do you know the beaches or urban coves of Ciutadella?

Ciutadella is one of the few municipalities in Menorca where you can find a beach or urban cove very close; a considerable distance, on foot, from the center of the town. Something that is very convenient if you stay within the urban center but you do not have a car to get to the most popular and well-known beaches in eastern Menorca. If this is your case, come with us to discover the beaches closest to the municipality of Ciutadella.

Do you know the beaches or urban coves of Ciutadella?

If you visit Menorca, you stay in Ciutadella and you don't have private transport to get to the most popular and well-known coves on the island, don't worry; In addition to being able to opt for public transport, you also have the option of discovering all the urban beaches and coves that are close to the urban center of Ciutadella. They also have their own charm and personality.

Although the 3 closest to the urban center or center of the municipality may be Sa Platja de Sa Farola, Platja Gran and Sa Caleta, in our list we have found 8 coves or beaches that you can reach by taking a short walk from Ciutadella.

From north to south we find:

Cala'n Forcat

This cove, Cala'n Forcat, is surrounded by a rocky area with lots of vegetation.

In addition to the sandy beach, it is also possible to sunbathe on the polished rock platforms. Ideal for those groups of people looking for both options. The platforms surround the coast in such a way that it is possible to literally draw a walk along the sea through the coastal promenade.

A beach that is also very suitable for some water activities such as diving or snorkeling, so now you know, do not hesitate and go discover it.

Cala'n Brut

Undoubtedly the most popular, famous, and well-known cove in the entire area. Especially for its rock platforms from which to jump into the sea (with caution). Cala en Brut is a rather small cove, located to the north and a short distance from Ciudadela.

The best known of it are its polished rock platforms (that's right, it's not a sandy beach) but it's no less beautiful for that. It is ideal for non-sand lovers and those who are not looking for absolute tranquility on a beach.

Basically, because being close to the municipality, many groups of local friends come to it, which, in the middle of the summer season, can be quite crowded.

Cala'n Blanes

Cala en Blanes is a small cove also located very close to the municipality of Ciutadella so, like the previous cove, it is usually quite crowded by local people.

The cove has some of the typical services of a beach, perhaps more touristy, such as a lifeguard, rental of hammocks and pedal boats to walk along the sea as well as a kiosk or even restaurants.

The cove is located next to the urbanization from which it takes its name. This urbanization has a wider range of services, oriented above all to the tourism sector.

Platja de Sa Farola

Sa Farola Beach, also known as Cala des Frares, is surely one of the 3 closest beaches to the center of the municipality of Ciutadella. It is a very small cove located very close to the port of Ciutadella. Its beach, very very small and with hardly any sand space for towels, also has concrete platforms built around the sea, to increase its capacity.

The good thing about this beach is that it is very well protected from the wind (due to its location and orientation), so the water is always calm and suitable for a safe and pleasant bath. It is important to note that since 2021, boats cannot access this area, so its tranquility, security, and clean waters have increased. Not to mention the improvement in the health of the Posidonia meadows found on the seabed of this cove.

Platja Gran

Platja Gran is another of the most accessible coves close to Ciutadella. A typical sandy cove after a long and deep inlet on the coast has generated numerous bathing spots on the rocks.

This cove, located in a residential area with two nearby hotels, has several ramps to access the beach, one of which goes through a beautiful garden area. In 2010, the beach was enabled and adapted to be suitable and easily accessible to disabled people or people with mobility limitations. A great 6 practical option!

Sa Caleta

Just two kilometers from the urban center of Ciutadella de Menorca, between Torre des Casteller and Cala Santandria, we find Sa Caleta, a small but extremely beautiful cove, ideal for family tourism. Sa Caleta is characterized by its proximity to several residential houses, as well as its sandy slope, its light breeze, its gentle slope, and its rugged coastline with low cliffs crowned by vegetation.

Like the rest of the coves closest to the urban center of Ciutadella, they make it a first option not only for tourists but also for local bathers, thus increasing its capacity. A quiet beach with clean and transparent waters.

Cala Santandria

The Playa or Cala de Santandria is another small urban cove located very close to Ciutadella de Menorca.

Santandria, which takes its name from the urbanization in which it is located, is a beach with all kinds of tourist services such as a lifeguard, beach bars, restaurants, hotels, and a diving center, and it is even marked out for swimming without boats.

For all this, it is a beach very frequented by both locals and tourists of all kinds, and it is especially suitable for families with small children, given its tranquility and safety.

Cala Blanca

And finally, we have added Cala Blanca, although, of all the beaches mentioned, it is surely the furthest from the center of Ciutadella. It is a small cove located in the urbanization with the same name with a clear characteristic: it is a beach very affected by the oceanic Posidonia, so the presence of algae and other similar marine plants is very frequent and common.

This may not be to the liking or acceptance of all the public, so it is important to know it before wanting to visit it and it is because although the beach is usually cleaned of Posidonia, once a year at the beginning of the summer season, it may not be in the state ideal cleaning as we imagine a typical Menorcan beach.

And here is the list of coves or urban beaches that you will find, at a reasonable distance -on foot- from the municipality of Ciutadella. In any case, these are the best-known or most popular in the area, although the locals will surely have their own corners and/or places to cool off in the middle of the summer, without leaving the municipality. We hope you liked this short compilation.