5 Documents you will need to sell your house

If you are thinking of selling a property, you are surely wondering what documents you need to have; here we are going to give you a summary of the most important ones so that you can start preparing them.

Documents you will need to sell your house

Once you have decided to sell your house, it is the moment when doubts begin to assail you: What am I going to need? Which is the correct price? How long will it take?... Today we are going to solve one of them, we are going to explain 5 documents that you will have to have on hand to put your property up for sale.

Property title or deed of the house:

As you surely already know, this is the document that proves that you are legally the owner of the house, therefore it is essential.

Energy certificate:

Since 2013 this document is mandatory, with some exceptions, if you are going to rent or sell a property. Selling without having an energy certificate can lead to several sanctions.

Simple note:

You can request it at the property registry and it gives the buyer the information about the property. It also indicates if the property has any charge, mortgage or limitation of use. It tells the buyer if the property can be sold without any legal impediment.

Certificate of occupancy:

This document is the one that certifies that the house has the minimum conditions to be inhabited. It is needed to be able to contract any supplied service as well as to be able to obtain a tourist license.

No pending debts document:

The last receipt of the IBI (Real Estate Tax), the last invoices of the supplies paid, as well as the certificate of debts of the community of owners, must be provided, if there is, specifying that you are up to date with all community payments.

These are the main 5 documents that you will need to be able to put your house up for sale (or your real estate agent will need), but we are going to leave you some more documents that even though they are not mandatory it is recommended that you also have in your possession: A valuation of your property will help you set the correct selling price and can serve you to negotiate with potential buyers; floor plans can help the estate agent to enrich the property ad used to advertise your property; and last but not least, a document with the statutes of the community is convenient since many buyers will ask you for this information.

With this summary, you can already get an idea of ​​what you are going to need but if you need more help and advice, stop by any of our agencies, and our real estate agents will gladly help you as well as advise you on documents that your particular property may need.

Thank you very much for reading us. See you at Portal Menorca.